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Committed to Instilling Faith into All the Corners of the Earth

The Little Chapel has a heart for missions! Here are our brothers and sisters around the world that we support.


Bob Brodland



Jennifer Tunahag

Human Trafficking Awareness

Missionaries: Staff & Leadership

Nils & Andrea Olson


Nils & Andrea OLSON have been serving as Bethel missionaries to the island of Kyushu, Japan since 1978. Their work since then has included the pioneering and pastoring of Munakata Bethel Christian Center. They continue building relationships with people in their community, as well as teaching and ministering in the local church.


The McClure's


Our Vision
To equip our local church to grow stronger in Christ as we impact Japan for the Glory of God.
God has called our family to invest our lives in sharing the hope of Jesus Christ to the Japanese people. We are serving as missionary pastors at Munakata Bethel Christian Center (MBCC). We are focused on investing in the mothers and fathers of this body to reach the next generation of leaders among the youth and young adults in Munakata.


Andrew and Ashlee Gonzalez


Our Vision:
To minister to the Makhua people of Northern Mozambique by teaching them how to make permanent sustainable houses. Our emphasis is in providing the disabled and widows with opportunities to become self sufficient. Our goal is to equip the youth with skills that they will need to become valuable members of society. Our calling is to be a place of refuge for orphan children.

Image by Farah Nabil

Orphans Unlimited


Orphans Unlimited fulfills the mandate of James 1:27 as it reaches out to “widows and orphans in distress.” going to areas where no one else desires to go, our program has saved countless lives both spiritually and physically. We are currently caring for over 1,900 kids in northern Mozambique. Our program goes to remote areas that other organizations have failed to touch.


Eirik and Bethany Rasmussen

Kigoma, Tanzania

Eirik and Bethany are missionaries in Kigoma, Tanzania, where they are working to train up East African pastors and missionaries to lead the African church and reach the nations. They primarily do this by teaching in Lake Tanganyika Christian College, as well as the East African School of Missions, teaching theology and practical ministry skills.

Image by Naveed Ahmed

India Gospel Outreach


India Gospel Outreach is dedicated to planting a dynamic church in each of India's 3,000 ethnic groups and 28,000+ zip codes. IGO believes God has given us the mandate to fulfill the Great Commission, and we share today's opportunities in India to proclaim the gospel to their people. We seek to fulfill this mandate in a manner that honors the Lord in all seasons.
Fulfillment of the Great Commission remains IGO's imperative. He has given us the Holy Spirit. He has given us willing partners. Let's depend upon God together to fulfill the Great Commission.

Missionaries: Staff & Leadership
Paper Lanterns

Bible Fellowship Tent Peg Ministries


Rainforest Suspension Bridge

Amazon Outreach

Bill Pepper

Holy bible detail

First Fruit's of Zion


Bible Lessons

Kingdom Alliance Ministries

Dale Sandstrom (Peru)

Bible discussion group

Alaska Bible Institute

Homer, Alaska

Missionaries: Staff & Leadership
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